Photographic Toning Made Easy

Hello everyone,

Today I would like to share with you how you can easily add Photographic Toning gradients to an image easily in Photoshop.

Photoshop is an amazing program and can be a bit overwhelming at times. There are several quick tricks that you can do to add some amazing effects to your images without having to spend hours editing. Today we are going to talk about adding Photographic Toning gradients to an image. Some of the reasons you may wish to do this is to make an image look aged or stylized. Whatever the case maybe, here is a way to add toning to an image in a few easy steps.

Here is our image starting out.

I took this photo of the Grand Canyon last year during our vacation. It looks a bit flat and the colors are not great due to the overcast sky that day.

A few adjustments using the camera raw settings and we have this.

Here are the steps:

1. Open the image in Photoshop after adjusting it in the camera raw settings.

2. Select the gradient tool (note: It may be under the paint bucket tool, just right click and hold to see the other tools under the paint bucket tool.)

Your screen should look something like this.

3. Load the Photographic Toning gradients by clicking the gradient picker, the little down arrow. Click the little gear icon on the side, you’ll see a list of setting and options. Save Your gradients by clicking the “Save gradients …” save them to a folder so you can load them again later. Click the Photographic Toning, option, a dialog box will open asking you if you wish to replace the current gradients with the Photographic Toning gradients, click OK to replace, or Append to add them to your current gradients.

If you replaced them your gradients should look like this.

That’s the hardest part!

Now you are ready to add Photographic Toning to any image you like.

Going back to the image we have of the Grand Canyon. Click on “Image” from the menu at the top, go to “Adjustments” and about half way down you’ll see an option for “Gradient Map…”

Don’t panic! If you don’t see the Photographic Toning gradients, the default is what you have as your foreground and background colors.

Click the dropdown arrow next to the default gradient.

This will open the gradients you just loaded (Photographic Toning)

Select one of the Photographic Toning gradients to add it to the image. If you check the box next to “Preview” you can easily see how each gradient looks with the image.

I like the first choice.

The image may require a bit more adjusting to fit your needs. This is what the final image looks like.

Hope you have enjoyed this, please leave a comment and let me know what you think.


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